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Medical Professionals


As the son and brother of medical professionals, Bradley J. Rosen, understands the challenges and issues physicians can face when running a medical practice. With the rising costs of malpractice insurance, most physicians are finding it difficult to protect themselves and their practices. Asset protection planning addresses many physicians' most important concerns, including the best ways to organize one's business and financial affairs to minimize liability and financial risks., and the steps a physician can take to ensure his or her accumulated wealth and future earnings insulated and shielded against potential loss.

The state of Florida has some of the strongest asset protection laws in the country. Physicians living and working in this state should utilize the proper investments such as annuities and cash value life insurance as part of their overall financial and asset protection planning.

As your financial advisor, Bradley and his team will:

  • Spend time getting to know you and put together a customized insurance and/or investment plan outlining exactly what we're trying to accomplish based on your goals.
  • Give you unbiased advise. As an independent firm, Rosen Financial, has access to nearly every company and their products to ensure that you are purchasing the most appropriate plans and products for your specific needs.
  • Keep you abreast of market changes needed during the different phases of your life.
  • Give you access to other trusted professionals that help solidify your estate and fiancnail well being such as Estate Attorneys, CPAs, Health Insurance professionals and more.

Services provided include: Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, College Savings Plans, IRAs, 401(k)'s and Retirement Planning.