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005-retirement "My husband has known Brad since he was a child, watching him grow into the wonderful, well rounded individual he is today. Together, my husband and I have had the opportunity to know Brad even better as he assists us with our insurance vehicles. Brad is a person of great knowledge, strength, and resources. He works hard for his clients to help assure their investments grow and prosper. Brad is not only a friend, but a person you can trust with your future.

- Wanda & Manny P.


"Brad has been helping me for approximately 15 years. Although I am far from his biggest client, he treats me as if I am, continually reviewing my account and assisting me through changes in various programs and in the market. he is someone you can be blunt with and listens closely to what you say. I feel comfortable that he is doing what is best for me, understanding that my long-term success is his long-term success." 

-Andrew J. 


"Brad has proven to me over the years that he is really concerned with my family's financial well being. He has consistently brought me good life insurance and annuity products to consider along with some good information over the past 15 years. Brad never pushes to "make a sale." He is always looking for the best way to build a long-term relationship." 

-Michael G. 


"Brad is trusted person to me and to my family for investment vehicles and insurance policies. Brad takes the time to ask the right questions bout our present situation as well as future needs and goals. His knowledge of the financial markets is tremendous and he always recommends the most appropriate products and services" 

-Rodney L. 


"I have known Bradley for 30+ years and have converted all of my planning to help me retire in peace. He has protected my portfolio from downside risk and added guaranteed income. During this volatile time I am comfortable and I know my retirement income is protected from market risk."

-Roger L. 

"I recently attended one of Mr. Rosen's online webinars about Planning for Retirement in a Volatile Market. I was impressed by his knowledge and insight and was surprised that I had never heard my old advisor speak about these important factors that could affect my portfolio. His clients are in good hands thanks to his expertise and experience."

-Jay R.




*The above testimonials do not represent the experience of other clients and do not guarantee future performances or success.