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Wealth Management Services are provided by Ironview Capital Management where Mr. Rosen is an Investment Advisor, Director of Insurance and Principal. Ironview has been named one of the top advisory firms in the nation by Financial Times and manages over $1.4 Billion in Assets. 

Ironview's Practice Leaders have a combined 60+ years experience working for a number of the largest global financial services firms. Ironview provides clients with a boutique and hands-on experience while affording clients the same level of advisory expertise available to both Fortune 500 corporations and ultra-high net worth private clients. 

Ironview manages global portfolios, taking a 360 degree view of assets.

Ironview works closely with individuals and family offices to create a customized wealth management plan based on the client's long-term objectives and risk tolerances. Some clients hire Ironview to only implement their planning process. Others need only our investment advice. More often than not, clients synergistically combine these two proprietary processes and employ us to manage portfolios globally for them, taking a 360° degree view of their assets. This closely integrates your investment, planning, and tax strategies - often in coordination with outside advisors such as attorneys, bankers, insurance agents, and accountants that you already have retained or with whom we have existing relationships.